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- About the Opal Collection -

Our Beginning

The Opal Collection was started in the beginning of 2020, after my toddler had been having eczema, bumps, and painful rashes from store-bought soaps and detergents. No amount of pediatrician-approved products helped his skin, so I set out on a mission to learn how to create natural products to see if that would help. After extensive research and trial and error, my handmade soap was ready. It cleared his skin up immediately and was safe to use on baby brother too! From that start came the Opal Collection, where I craft a variety of soap, shampoo, and skincare that are natural, concentrated, and effective. 

Giving to a Worthy Cause

Twenty percent of our profits goes toward our local missionaries to the country of Hungary. The Horvaths have a passion for reaching Hungarians for Christ and we are privileged to be able to help support their mission. To find out more on how you can help support, pray for, and sign up for their newsletter, go to

We have also started supporting the sweet Ong family who are missionaries to Vietnam. They have such a heart for the Vietnamese and a passion to share the love of Christ.

The Opal Behind the Opal Collection

The name for the Opal Collection came from my beautiful great-grandmother. She had a love for all things beauty, graduated from Dover Beauty School for Cosmetology and had her own hair salon out of her home. She was the most pure-hearted person with a love for her "sweet, sweet Jesus" and such a close and dear inspiration for myself. Her love made such an impact in my life, and this namesake suits to honor her legacy. Love you Grandma!

Grandma Opal
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